That’s how digital rolls: New Year party

We’ve celebrated New Year on a grand scale keeping safe distance!

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Dec 27, 2020

We’ve rented a place so spacious it allowed us not only to keep distance — but to get lost in it. A DJ, dozens of lasers and a smoke machine, unlimited drinks at the bar and an open microphone — Red Collar team works hard and plays hard!

When you come to think of it, it’s especially pleasant to sum up a year if it was productive even during maximum instability. In 2020 our whole team managed to rebuild all processes: some specialists switched to remote work and the rest stayed in the office. The communication between the two groups never failed.

At the same time we have expanded the team and the client portfolio, implemented a number of massive projects for the country’s largest companies and continued to lead some projects on support. All in all, we’ve grown in all respects and are not planning to stop!

Onwards and upwards. Stay tuned.