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We created a mascot, logo, and flexible brand identity for a British agricultural company to showcase how digital technologies are penetrating the reality of farmers

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FMEC is an agricultural integrator that provides digital solutions for farmers around the world. Our task was to create a brand identity that would set FMEC apart from its competitors, but keep the brand understandable and recognizable to farmers around the world.


FMEC Group






Brand identity

About the client

FMEC is a British agricultural company that provides comprehensive solutions for modern farmers who want to automate and optimize their workflow processes.

Away from the Greenery Dominance

We analyzed competitors and identified stereotypical solutions in the corporate styles of agricultural companies: natural colors (especially green!), botanical motifs, and emphasized connection with agriculture.


To distinguish the new FMEC brand from their ranks, emphasize progressiveness and involvement in high technology, we chose blue-violet shades often used in IT.

Farmers are the Target Audience

FMEC is a company with experience and deep understanding of its clients. Together, we identified a series of farmers' 'pains': rising prices, climate change, the need to optimize processes, and most importantly, the fear of new technologies. Therefore, an important task for us was to make communication trustworthy and secure.


To personalize the brand, we chose the archetypes of 'Magician' and 'Everyman'. In this combination, the brand is perceived as welcoming. It highlights care not only for people but also for the planet as a whole. Also, it explains, clearly and interestingly, digital transformation, and shows that the technologies offered are, in fact, intuitive.

The new brand feels reliable, friendly, and technologically advanced.

Mascot, Slogans and AI

FMEC serves as a guide to modern technologies for farmers. To emotionally connect the brand with the target audience and convey the idea of assistance, we introduced a mascot.


Meet the farm robot—a friendly assistant well-versed in all things tech, poised to help farmers tackle their challenges. The mascot is further brought to life through neural networks—all headlines and slogans are generated with the assistance of ChatGPT. The robot's face is a digital screen communicating with the audience through emojis and brief words.

The mascot helps the audience to feel the brand better

Enhanced Recognition through Contrast

We enhanced brand recognition through a deliberate blend of pixelated graphics and field photographs on billboards, effectively merging the real and digital worlds—much like FMEC does. 


This pixelation also permeates the illustrations, adopting an ASCII style where images are formed using letters and other textual characters. We devised a template empowering the client to autonomously craft ASCII illustrations from any image.

The contrast between photographs of plowed fields and pixelated details is highly memorable.

Self-Sufficient Logo

Thanks to a solid analytical foundation and consistent work, the logo solution emerged effortlessly, serving as a natural extension of the other stylistic elements. It also reflects the theme of merging the digital and real worlds—it features both 'classic' and deliberately pixelated letters.

The logo effectively enhances brand recognition even when detached from other corporate style elements.

Comprehensive Brand Guidelines

All solutions were compiled into a comprehensive yet user-friendly brand guide. We included a table of contents, section navigation, and detailed guides on using all elements of the corporate style. It covers everything from the specifics of applying graphics to merchandise to creating ASCII illustrations, with grids and layout formation rules described in detail. 


This approach saved the client team time and effort—all visual elements are fully prepared for printing on various media and for use in digital formats.

Flexible Style as the Result

From the outset, we immersed the client in all development processes and fostered a trusting communication environment. Working iteratively, we were able to find the best conceptual and visual solutions. The new FMEC brand conveys ideas of friendliness, reliability, and readiness to always assist and tackle any challenges together. 


The style is flexible: its elements are simple yet easily scalable. Each element contributes to the core idea—integrating the digital environment into the farmer's reality. Such flexibility and recognizability are beneficial for the brand's future development—for instance, in creating a new website for the company group.


Amy Bradley
Amy Bradley
Marketing Executive of FMEC Group Limited

Throughout the whole process, the Red Collar team have been working closely with the FMEC team to get a good understanding of the company and what we want our rebranding to represent, as well as a marketing strategy to help support the company moving forward. Red Collar achieved all our rebranding in a professional manner and took on board everyone's opinions.

The team was very clear as to when we would receive updates and new materials to use, which greatly helped us forecast for our deadlines. Regular meetings and emails from the team meant we were always kept up-to-date with the progress and could clear any issues quickly. 

The team were extremely helpful when we required any help or needed something changing. Red Collar team were quick to reply to any questions and provided in-depth information to explain any issues. Their project management was very effective, professional, and organized.

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