Shishki park

An amusement park with extreme rides.

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To create a name, a logo, corporate identity and a website. To present the park as the best place to spend time for the whole family. The hard part was that there were no content at all — the construction of the park wasn’t over yet.


Park Extreme


Corporate website




Front-end development
Back-end development


Key idea

To show the most important things in the park: the emotions it gives to its visitors. This required a photoshoot and creation of several stop-motion animations.


We chose ‘Шишки’ (Shishki, rus. pinecones) out of dozens of suggested names for an obvious reason: the park is located in a pine forest. Logo got several illustrations to it. A fir tree in the middle letter Ш is interchangeable with the image of ice-cream or rocket to attract attention. Static horse and bird elements symbolize carnival fun.

Transformer Logo

We developed various versions of the same logo. Small ones are used in place of the full one when there isn’t much space and for the sake of readability.

We designed 3D illustrations that became the main elements of the identity.

How to use

For the many versions of the logo we’ve written the list of rules so they would always look good. Let’s take the main web version for example: it is suitable for print as well and there is a set of colours that look good together with the logo.

Six corporate colours convey the joyous atmosphere and variety of the amusements in the park.

Comfortable to find, fun to look for

The journey from the main screen to the needed amusement ride is through animated interactive screens that get you acquainted with the zones of the park. You can play with the element on the way: lift the letters in headers or launch them like from a slingshot — or you can always go to the menu to get to the page you need.

For the stop motion animations we did photoshoots with models. Laughter and delight is what creates the right expectations of the park.

With care

Pages of amusement rides contain thorough information to alleviate any of the possible customers’ concerns. There’s info on the way rides work, how to observe safety, what are the age limits and so on — all in a simple language and with funny animations.

Fantasies are reality

Some of the illustrations are hand drawn on top of the photos. You can dream of flying on the rocket or you can live through those emotions in the park — and turn a usual weekend into an unforgettable one.

Flying transitions, interactive headers and animations — through the website you dive into the atmosphere of the park.

Animated illustrations

Illustrations combine extreme objects with sources of simple joy like a bicycle with doughnut wheels, a rocket with cotton candy instead of rocket exhaust. Each one is in motion, they create the atmosphere of fun and fantasies.

Adaptivity of the site

You can learn about amusement rides or check the route to the park using your smartphone. The site’s loading speed is good, navigation and transitions are handy and you can still enjoy all the animations and interactions of the full desktop version.

Behind the project are big work and bright emotions — we’ve created a strong image of the park while getting a ton of rewarding experience.




vanilla JS


Olga Blokhina
Olga Blokhina
CEO, Park Extreme

To tell about the amusement ride park that has no amusement rides yet, to create an image out of nothing — I believe it’s a hard task. We chose Red Collar for that very reason: their capability to work well being backed by just an idea and to create a first-rate product in the end.

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