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To create an impressive website that would reflect the principles and ideology of the company. At the same time, it had to inspire people and to be impressive.








Front-end development


Key idea

A paper airplane became the main symbol for the site — the theme of taking off reflects the idea of an investment company in the best way.


The loading indicator has two stages. It starts with the appearance of the egg — the auxiliary symbol of the company. While the website is loading, the egg circuit is filled with the golden colour, loading percentage is on the right. When it reaches 100, the logo breaks up and becomes «U» and «A» letters in the company name, Inculerate.

We used the gold color for hands to emphasize that everyone is equal, while the deep blue color of the background represents endless possibilities.

Drag to start

The main interaction with the site happens through an interactive slider with the option to drag a point on the screen. Such movement is very symbolic because it shows that you should make an effort yourself, just like with a start-up.

We created a «running» light spot on the guideline in order to guide the site users.

All the details are thought out to make the UI of the project the best. When you hover the cursor to the starting point it sticks to the element as a magnet because of the 60 pixels invisible hover zone around the starting point.

We created an unusual round cursor with a delay of 0.1 seconds for smoothness and a pleasant feeling that the circle is chasing the mouse, trying to keep up.

The devil is in the details

We wanted to create a special atmosphere on the site so we paid much attention to animations and sounds. While the sound of rustling paper immerses the users into the atmosphere and makes it more realistic, the background melody helps to feel that here their fate can be determined and their dream — launched.

High goals

Company’s founders believe that everyone’s equal, they look for the startups that could make people’s lives better. If you wish to apply, feel free to create a video up to 1,5 minutes long using only visual identity and try to explain the main point of your concept without using any word. If the angel investors understand your idea and like it, they will help the startup to develop.

All the content for the website was created by us — we practiced gestures, folded beautiful airplanes, used golden body paint, blue cardboard and took more than 1500 shots for the stop-motion.








Umit Khairollayev
Umit Khairollayev
Inculerate Inc. CEO

We think that such a successful result is another proof that it’s very important to trust. When you come to real professionals you should remember that they know what they’re doing and there’s no need to doubt. Only then you will end with a really cool project. We’re very satisfied with both the process of creation and the final result. We have lots of ideas and we plan to continue working with the team.

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