Starfall Arena

A landing page for a Web3 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game

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To develop a landing page that encapsulates the vibrant aesthetics of the game for potential investors at the Solana conference in Lisbon. We were on a tight schedule, with only three weeks to wrap up and polish the MVP version before the event.


Bell Curve Labs




Design Concept
Web Design
Frontend Development

Building the Design Concept: a Journey Through Space

Our design concept was inspired by the game’s logo. The logo’s particles sparked images of falling stars, asteroid belts, and comet tails in our minds.


We’ve highlighted the icy tail of a comet on the main page. Its particles, which mirror the space around them, give a glimpse into Starfall Arena’s gameplay.

Introducing the Lore of the Game via Storytale and Ingame Shots

Starfall Arena’s story is a gripping tale of the conflict between nature and technology. We’ve intricately woven this narrative across multiple screens, each one spotlighting specific calls-to-action tailored to engage our audience.


Each of these calls-to-action is partnered with animated gameplay snippets and 3D concept art that spotlight the unique game’s characters.

Optimizing the Load Speed

The client placed high importance on ensuring the website was optimized for speed on any device. To achieve this, we utilized a custom framework designed for graphics optimization. 


If the page loading speed dips, the framework automatically reduces the quality of images and videos to maintain a fast response time.

We made the project in only 3 weeks due to a tight deadline

Game fragments fall apart emphasising the cosmic theme

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