We redefined ROWL, an auto-tuning studio making its debut in the UAE market, by creating corporate identity, an engaging brochure and package design

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To create a space for a new service market, develop luxury branding and positioning that align with the client's business and the needs of the UAE market. Establish a clear design system that considers all elements—from the slogan to the placement of the logo on promotional merchandise.








Positioning and slogan
Corporate Identity
Package Design

About ROWL

ROWL specializes in tuning luxury automotive headlights. For the brand's clientele, headlights are not merely a lighting element but a crucial detail that completes the vehicle's overall image.


In 2023, the company planned to enter the UAE market. They approached us to establish their positioning, develop the brand, and create a new market space for automotive headlight tuning in the UAE.

Researching the Luxury Segment

The UAE's automotive tuning market is a demanding one, catering to luxury and premium segments.


For positioning in this segment, it is essential to create a set of messages that clearly convey the service's value to the customer. It's not just about the product—it's important to communicate the unique experience and emotions that are significant to the consumer.


We explored the tuning studios market and territorial consumption patterns in the Emirates. Our research indicated that ROWL's products have no analogs, forming a unique product category for the UAE,—and this became our focus.

Refining the Positioning and Slogan

For a luxury brand, a well-crafted narrative that clearly communicates its values is vital. Each ROWL headlight set is unique and has no duplicates. All projects are custom-made per client requests, reflecting not only a love for originality but also a life stance. For this reason, we approached the positioning as a 'fashion brand for your car.'


Under the ROWL brand, nothing ordinary can emerge. We encapsulated this idea in the slogan 'When the ordinary is the enemy.' This perspective adds character to the brand, highlights its values, and emphasizes a personalized approach.

Creating the Logo

In designing the logo, we took inspiration from the owl symbol, as ROWL is an abbreviation of Road Owl. We worked through several visual interpretations to find the most refined one.


We created over a dozen alternative logos to find the one that precisely reflects the style and values of the company. The final version harmoniously aligns with the logos of luxury automotive industry leaders.

Developing Materials for Exhibitions and Clients

The brochure, presenting ROWL and its products, conveys the main idea: you are looking at a unique tuning studio that transforms headlights into artworks. The brochure is used at specialized exhibitions and is also handed to clients in its digital format.


Alexander Mayorov
Alexander Mayorov
Founder at ROWL

Our auto-tuning studio needed a brand update to prepare for entry into the Dubai market, so I turned to Red Collar. It was important to me to have an image that matched the quality of our services, and I wasn't disappointed. The team has an excellent sense of taste and style.

As part of the process, the designers came up with a number of logo options in order to create the best one. They also created two catalogs, design of corporate identity carriers and a number of minor deliverables. It was always a professional team effort to find common ground, give constructive feedback, and work toward results despite different situations and strict deadlines.

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